How to Cool Down Your Overheated Laptop

KNow why your computer is running slow

It is impossible to imagine that you could work without your laptop. With the ease and data handling that it provides, there is no way that you could replace it with your mobile phone, tablet or PC. However, its mishandling can cause a terrible reduction in the degree of its efficiency and computer running slow issues.

What are the signs that your laptop is abnormally heated?

Your laptop tends to heat up because – It’s not able to cool down! CPU performance is improved by more transistors in its motherboard chip. Number of processors and better graphic cards makes for higher resolution but it is also charged by excessive heat generation.

Mostly, you’d find your laptop surface boiling up which causes its fan to work on its maximum efficiency in order to avoid any hardware damage or permanent failure. To an irony, you might find yourself looking for answers to ‘how to speed up your computer’ which is slowed down by increased temperature.

What causes it to overheat?

The work of your laptop’s fan is to keep its internal elements cool when your laptop is working on its maximum efficiency. But clogged up grills, dirty exhaust, dust stuck fan or reduced CPU grease can make the temperature rise.

How to make your laptop cool down and avoid its overheating?

  • Clean, Fix And Run The Laptop

It’s a DIY tip to get your laptop to work on your terms. Open the base of your laptop and locate the fan. These fans are suck in the air to cool down the components and hot air is pushed out of the exhaust. Remove all power contacts and take a cotton plug to clean the fan. Make sure you are cleaning it with alcohol so that it is cleaned nicely and there is no residue stuck on the surface.

  • Keep The Laptop On Right Surface

You must have noticed how a laptop overheats when you keep it on your blanket or pillow. It is because the airflow is obstructed. This is the reason you are always advised to keep your laptop on a hard table or laptop tray which is especially designed for people who want to sit on their bed and work.

  • Buy Laptop Cooler or Cooling Pad

Additional laptop cooler, as the name suggests, deals with overheating of laptop by charging extra airflow into the internal system. These laptop cooler or cooling pads are a breakthrough in the market. However, you must consult manufacturers or experts before buying the right cooler for your laptop.

The Final Word:

Don’t take overheated laptops lightly because the danger is far beyond loss of device. You could harm yourself as well. It is also believed that the heat produced causes skin problems. In case, you are clueless of how you should be dealing with this problem then contact an online technician to know more about it.


Speed Up Your Computer | PC is Running Slow


It is quite annoying when the computer starts running slow and work starts piling up. This situation is intimidating to such an extent that the user feels like giving up everything. However, instead of going crazy, there are few things to check, as they may help in bringing back the speed within no time. Take a look at some of the best solutions to consider.

  1. Look for programs you don’t use every day. This is because they need not run at start-up, as they do nothing but consume resources. Therefore, go to start menu, type ‘msconfig’. A window will pop up; select the ‘start up’ tab. Now check, whether you need all these programs running all the time or not.
  2. Identify programs and processes that take most resources. For this, press CTRL+ALT+DELETE to get the task manager. Now select processes and sort by Memory and CPU to check what all is tying up the resources. You may come across a program that’s useless or a site that hangs.
  3. Defragmentation is also important due to the fact that data on the system gets fragmented in different locations on the drive. While new operating systems have automatic defragmenting feature, you need to do it manually on other systems.
  4. Next comes cleaning the temporary files that are written on the PC when a website is visited. Being nothing more than a clutter, these files hamper the speed of the system.
  5. Coming to the next important thing is checking utilization of disk drive. Always check that you have not exceeded the limited space on the drive.
  6. You may find it silly but keeping too many windows open actually slow down the system.
  7. Make sure you your system has enough RAM. If the existing RAM is limited, adding memory will make a big difference. You can check the space available on your RAM by going to the system properties.
  8. Check whether the backup is running or not. Also, check that the antivirus is running a full system scan. This is important because scheduled processes reduce the speed of the computer.
  9. Last but not the least, look for virus or malware attack. A system turns extremely slow when it is infected; hence, running a full system scan is very important.

These tips are relay helpful if your computer is running slow and not responding the way it should. Before giving up and planning to buy a new PC, always go for useful tips to fix the errors. Why spend huge bucks when implementing these easy tips can bring back your computer’s lost speed and performance.

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